Manabi Province  

The province of Manabi has a unique geographical characteristic; it is a coastal, mountain and forest area, perfect for tourism.
Manabi is a rich land. It has extensive beaches along the Sun Route

The Sun Route
MACHALILLA NATIONAL PARK: This park has various attractions: Isla de la Plata off the coast of Puerto Lopez, LosFrailesBeach, the Archeological Site of Agua Blanca, Salango, and the Beaches of Puerto Rico and Puerto Cayo. Fifty-two families make up the community of Agua Blanca. The village is located 3 miles off the main highway. In many ways, the community maintains the lifestyle of its ancestors, the Manteña Culture (800 to 1532 AC). A small museum display ceramics and pictures of some of the current inhabitants with the same facial features as those found on the ceramics. From the museum, the guide takes you on a walk for about a mile. You will encounter birds such as the hornero, the motmot, iguanas, a lovely clean river valley, archeological areas, a sulfurous lagoon, and a breathtaking viewpoint. You will see the intact funeral urns insitu, with vestiges of the people’s ceremonial clothes and jewelry. You can also admire insitu remains of the ceremonial temples, with vetiges of the famed stone seats used by the shamans or spiritual leaders.


Manta is modern city, however, some antique bamboo and wooden houses still remain as a remainder of the old village. Located at the Pacific coast and with an average temperature of 77o F all year long, dry weather and dry tropical forest in its surroundings, Manta is an attractive city to visit. Additionally, Manta offers first class hotel facilities and daily flights on Tame and Icaro from the main cities.
The warmth and hospitality of the Manteños contributes to the rapid tourism development of the entire province. The delicious gastronomy is also one of the main attractions of Manta. Don’t miss the “ceviches” of several seafoods, or the exquisite “viche de pescado”, which consists of albacore or tuna fish with peanuts, yucca, corn, and sweet potato.



MANTA: Manta is an important city in Manabí. Until recently, it was only known for its important tuna fishing fleet, the production of vegetable oil, and the commercialization of “Panama hats”. Today, the visit of cruise ships, the aerial base rented to the US Air Force for anti-narcotics operations, and the construction of modern hotels, have improved Manta’s economy and transformed the city into an important international tourism destination


The city of Manta is decorated with a wide variety of tree species: ceibos, jasmines, almonds, rubber plants, acacias, mango, and beautiful palm trees on the beaches. Colorful flowers like that of the “Buganvilla” plant are also found. The balsa tree (ochroma logopus) is native to this province. Its light wood allowed the first inhabitants of the region to navigate large distance easily and rapidly. From history books we have learner that the golden jewels and decorations worn by the navigators of the balsas on their noses, breasts and ears called attention of the first Spanish visitors, who believed that the gold they couldn’t find in the Caribbean was at the ocean in South America

The Sun Route (PART I - GUAYAS)

Bahia de Caraquez

The city of Bahia de Caráquez is named after the bay and the pre-columbian residents who came from the sea and settled here. Because of the estuary and the Pacific Ocean around the city, the local nature offers sweet and salt water that allows diverse vegetation. In the area you can find mangrov'e trees, ceibos forests, sweet water humidity such as that in La Segua Marsh.
Traffic is not a problem, Many residents and tourists prefer to use "Ecological Taxis" which are bikes adapted to transport two passengers. This keeps the city free od pollution and offers a peaceful place for vacationing.




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